Carnival Academy of education

The establishment of Carnival Academy lies in a vision to help Teachers and Job Aspirants grow better; to make learning; not only interesting but also rewarding and career oriented. Our motto has been to enrich career through a host of Training Programs and Modules. We have been successfully imparting training in the field of Nursery Teaching, Spoken & Written English, Personality Development and other Career Oriented Courses. Our students have been well placed in renowned schools across various territories of Bihar and Jharkhand. This outstanding success has been made possible only by making the student understand the concept methodically and our teachers, their Modus Operandi and state of the art facility are attributed to this outstanding success. The standard of teacher training courses has been developed by qualified academicians with years of experience. What makes Carnival stand out, is the wide range of courses for teachers catering to various subjects and interest. We strive to give teachers best knowledge and experience so that they can have a better future.

Carnival has been very much inspired with the famous maxim i.e. “I listen I forget; I see I remember; I do I understand’. So along with unique teaching methodology, the emphasis at Carnival is laid more on making the student understand the concept well. We strongly believe this enables the student to come out with flying colors in every exam they take. The keynote of Carnival Academy is to instill and enhance the confidence levels of the students and motivate them to achieve their goals.

About the Faculty

It goes without saying that “An average teacher teaches, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher illustrates, and a great teacher both learns and inspires students.”

Carnival Academy is proud of its dedicated faculty as they are highly qualified and richly experienced. They are well-trained and committed professionals, with enormous patience and skills.

Our Vision

We leave no stone unturned to make our students the best.

In the constant quest for excellence in the field of training, Carnival Academy maintains the best standards. Our expert faculty, the exhaustive study materials, and the constant research on the resources associated with our training programs contributed to our success.

It gives us immense pleasure to notify that our institute, since its inception in 2013, in a very short span of time, has established itself as a distinguished and successful training institute dedicated to the overall development of our students. We have so far catered to the training needs of hundreds of satisfied students, kudos to our eminent teaching and administrative staff. Our testimonials and feedbacks say that our Training Programs have always inspired, motivated and empowered our students. As a result, the overall performance of our students has enriched to an incredible extent, and this in turn has proven to be beneficial to their profession at large. We have also become instrumental in the betterment of students’ career and higher studies.