Company Profile 

Carnival Academy of Education is a premium and globally recognized teacher training institute. The Academy provides various types of teacher training courses, including Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), Nursery & Primary Teacher Training (NPTT), and Counseling Courses for B.Ed and D.El.Ed. The Academy also offers Spoken & Written English, Personality Development, and other career-oriented courses. 

Our Story began in 2011 with a vision to help teachers through rigorous professional training for a rewarding career and growth. Since then, Carnival Academy has been successfully imparting training to aspiring as well as experienced teachers across the globe. 

With the change in time, the method of teaching and learning has changed. We constantly strive to give teachers the best knowledge and experience necessary for the development of self-confidence and motivate them to achieve a bigger goal. We enrich aspiring teachers with decision-making and problem-solving abilities before they can delve into the world of teaching.

At Carnival Academy, we believe that lack of training impacts future teachers and creates a communication gap between teachers and children of this age. These problems lead to limited collective knowledge in terms of research and best practices. In an effort to fill this long gap, we pay much more attention to developing teacher training courses. Our courses are designed by highly qualified academicians with years of experience.

What We Do

Carnival Academy is the leading teacher training institute. The Academy offers a wide range of teacher training courses to help aspiring teachers qualify for a national/international teaching career. After completing the course, you get acquainted with the latest teaching methodologies and strategies and become eligible to teach anywhere in the world. Besides teaching courses, the institute also provides other career-oriented courses. What makes Carnival Academy stand out is that we also provide placement assistance to the candidates.  

We collaborate with pre-primary schools in Pan India and provide training to their untrained teachers. Carnival Academy of Education also provides trained teachers to the collaborating schools within 7 days of the request. This is helpful when a teacher resigns or quits the school without notifying or serving the notice period.

We deliver classes in both online and offline modes of teaching. We have a world-class setup for online classes with proper lightings, high-resolution cameras, Green Screen, mic, and speakers. To ensure quality education anytime and anywhere, we rely on a stable high-speed internet connection to ensure a hassle-free online education.

Our Faculty

Carnival Academy has a highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. Our academic mentors come from all over the world, including Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. They are industries most recognized, well-trained, and committed teachers. Each of them specializes in a subject, and they possess enormous patience and skills. They contribute to students’ success through comprehensive teaching courses, effective classroom teaching, counselling, and mentorship.

Our Mission

Carnival Academy of Education is on a mission to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment. This Premier Pre-Primary Teacher Training Institute supports teaching aspirants with the best courses and faculty. The Carnival Academy will leave no stone unturned to achieve its quest for excellence in the field of training and higher studies.

Our mission is to provide Internationally Accredited Teacher Training Programs. Our certification is recognized and accepted by schools and institutions across the globe, and we are committed to giving 100% placement assistance to all our aspiring students.

Our Vision

We envision a teacher as a creator of society. Hence, our goal is to develop a pool of trained teachers who can create the next-gen society. At Carnival Academy of Education, we are committed to adding knowledge, value, and skills to the emerging leaders of tomorrow. Teachers play a crucial role in designing the learning environment that allows each child to realize their potential. 

We are highly focused on training teachers in such a way that they become responsible, dedicated and can meet the ever-increasing needs of students. We also aim at bringing regular changes in our courses and curriculums that will help a trainee teacher understand different developmental areas and the psychology of children. 

Director’s Message: It is truly said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. It helps people become better citizens by showing them the right path. Education in early childhood is important because it helps children learn cognitive, behavioral, and social skills that cannot be learned at home. Therefore, Pre-School education plays a pivotal role in the holistic development of children. 

Children are the nation’s future, and it’s our responsibility to ensure their nourishment. Pre-school teachers play an important role in shaping the mind of children. With our carefully designed teacher training courses, we at Carnival Academy focus on training teachers so they can successfully impart quality early childhood education in schools and institutions across the world. 

Learning is the process that leads to change. At Carnival Academy, we are committed to bringing positive change in society through efficient teacher train courses, counseling for B.Ed, and D.El.Ed and other career-oriented programs.

Join us to be the change you want to see in the world!