Babli Kishore

I am Babli Kishore. I have done my N.T.T from Carnival Academy. N.T.T class is a gift for me. I have learnt more activities in teaching. It has provided confidence to teach small kids. I am able to teach them with extra activities. Now I am teaching in Orkid petals school. I often get appreciation … Read more

Roshni Verma

Carnival Academy is a very great institute of English Language and N.T.T. I have very good experience of studying here. When I came first here, I was not so good in spoken English but after studying here I realized that my spoken English became better now. I also completed the N.T.T. course here and after … Read more

Siji P.J.

I am Siji from Patliputra, Patna. I have joined Carnival Academy for doing my N.T.T. But I found it is an all over development class for me. All the teachers tried their level best to make me a complete teacher and become a confident person in the society. After doing my N.T.T. I have joined … Read more

Sneha Shikha

My name is Sneha Shikha. I live in Rajeev Nagar, and I’m working as a teacher in Veena Vidya Niketan School. I have done my N.T.T.  from Carnival Academy. I liked the teacher’s behavior, and learning techniques from classroom environment. The teaching techniques, teaching methods and art & craft which I learned during my N.T.T. … Read more


I am Priyanka. I have done NTT from Carnival Academy. It was very good experience for me. Ma’am you are very supporting and lovable without your support it cannot be possible for me to complete NTT ma’am you and sir both are very kindly by nature. It was very good experience for me to do … Read more

Geeta Kumari

I Geeta Kumari, I have completed my NTT from Carnival Academy. When I came here I didn’t give answers very well or I get nervous in front of so many people. But now I will interact with many people without getting nervous, I would like to thanks my mentors who encouraged me to interact with … Read more

Kundan Kumari

I Kundan Kumari, I have completed my NTT from Carnival Academy. I have got to learn a lot from here. Like how to talk to children, how to read as well as how to talk to parents and much more. My experience here was very good.

Shubham Kumar

Myself  Shubham Kumar. I completed N.T.T. from Carnival Academy in session 2018. When I came here, I was dull/bad in teaching, I have no idea, how to teach student. But now I completed N.T.T. classes, I get lots of ideas how to behave in front of students and many more. I have remembered, I mostly … Read more

Sudha Sinha

It was my great time in Carnival Academy, I spent here one year. I learnt many things about teaching and lifestyle. The teacher are good in behaviour and the students are also well mannered and good behaviour. The classroom and the whole campus are well maintained and good facilities are provided here. In short I … Read more

Khushbu Sinha

My Name Is Khushbu Sinha. I am in academic year 2017-2018. My Experience in N.T.T. a lot of fun, discipline,  hard work in friendly atmosphere here when I came in Carnival I am unknown but here friendly atmosphere and specially teachers are very kind hearted and very helpful.